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Yel Kangleon Cobile
Hello Maasinhon,

Another year passed after incurred a third major revision which resulted from suggestions, comments and provision of information from supporters.  As always, thank you.  I am proud that you decided to participate in the continuous evolution of this site's contents.  The offerings may not seem much, as of yet, however, I am hopeful that you find the amenities useful.

This site's contents and context have since been improved to include information beneficial to OFWs, as well as web hyperlinks to worldwide embassies that I thought are useful for aspiring would-be OFWs.  This site still depicts links to other Maasinhons' personal websites, blogs, etc. to show support of their individual endeavors.  As for social networking in which everyone likes to engage, I’ve included links to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.  Access to the site's Forum now entails a more controlled environment.  To set up an account, you are required to enter a user login, password and valid email address as a proactive deterrence to unscrupulous spammers that can easily exhaust bandwidth throughput and hard drive space.

Despite this site's enhancements, please continue to submit your suggestions.  The format used is always dynamic, so new methodologies worth considering will be incorporated punctually. 

A special note that I always ponder on from one of the comments in Jani Arnaiz' The Reporter articles, I twinged on a forumer's sarcasm that addressed the static stagnance of the contents of the previous version of  I couldn't agree with him more.  Considering that his comments meant no harm, I thought for a moment that it was instead a blessing in disguise.  I then proceeded to complete the site revisions as I already have started doing anyway.  Hence, this website's offerings...

So, once again, Folks, our little community will move on as we hopefully aspire for better lives and instill moral wisdom upon our younger generation.  As one of Maasin's OFWs, I continue to hope, that in your own terms as a Maasinhon, you can eventually emulate's lead as a humble and profound offering to our townsfolk... and expect nothing in return.  The Bayanihan Spirit will always prevail in my heart.  I remain....

Owner/Administrator/Professional Webmaster,              

Yel Kangleon Cobile                

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